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How to generate a QR code for Google Sheets

QR codes for Google Sheets streamline sheets and data sharing among users, enhancing collaborative work. By creating a Google Sheets QR code, you can easily invite people to view, comment, or edit the file. This convenience allows users to access the document instantly by scanning the QR code, eliminating the need to enter the URL manually.

Use our multifunctional QR code generator to generate a Google Sheets QR code. This tool facilitates creating dynamic QR codes explicitly tailored for Google Sheets or links to individual tabs within the document. By adding a URL to a QR code, you can effortlessly disseminate information and improve data accessibility. Moreover, our service offers customization for code design, content editions, settings adjustment, and comprehensive statistical tracking. So, to convert Google Sheets to QR code, follow the instructions:

  • open the GET-QR QR code generator. This is our primary service page, where you can generate dynamic codes, including Google Sheets QR codes. Information about the most important advantages and functionalities of GET-QR is displayed here. Additionally, you can find answers to frequently asked questions and connect with support via the chat window. To modify previously created codes (change parameters or content), visit the "Your QR Codes" page;
  • select the QR code type “Google Sheets”. This code contains the URL of a document hosted in Google Drive. You can quickly and easily add a copy link to the desired table and convert the URL to QR code;
  • insert the link in the provided field. Open the spreadsheet you wish to share, whether through the app or web version and click “Share” to copy the link;
  • customize the design of the QR code. At this stage, you can change the code design (the pattern and corners style, pattern and background color), add your logo or select one of the available logos of popular social networks, and choose a frame. Design settings are optional; if you wish, you can leave the default design of your QR code;
  • click the "Create" and then "Download" buttons to save the code in the appropriate format (PNG or SVG) and size (1024, 2048, 4096 px). Also, while customizing your code’s design, you can see changes in the "Preview" window. This way, you can know in advance how users will see your QR code before scanning.

Important! Test the generated code. Do a QR code scanning test on different devices and ensure everything is okay. Then use your interactive code as you see fit. For example, put the code in a prominent place where customers can easily find it or post the code on your social networks.

If you want to see the statistics of your code scans, go to the "Your QR codes" page, select the desired code and click the "Statistics" button. All relevant information will be displayed here: the total number of scans, the number of unique scans, the operating system, and the browser used to view the code.



Usability and ease of creation

To create a dynamic code, you only need to select the content type and upload the content. You can generate and scan QR codes on any modern gadget: smartphones or tablets that work on iOS or Android. You can create and open codes through the mobile app as well.


Flexible QR code design settings

Customize the appearance of the QR code in line with your corporate identity and personal preferences. Change the color and style of the corners, and add a frame, description, and call to action. And when the code is created, download or print it in a convenient format (PNG or SVG).


Detailed statistics on QR codes

Get extensive information about your QR codes. Analytics and graphics will help you get up-to-date information about the behavior and preferences of your users so that you can adjust your marketing strategy in a timely and effective manner.


Extended options and settings of the QR code

Edit the content of QR codes, change the content type, and set additional features as desired without reprinting the code. In addition, you can change the code options: add a password, expiration date, scan limit, access by country, and so on. All these options are provided for the codes of dynamic type.


Comprehensive support and security

Create safe QR codes and ensure your users are completely secure when they scan. Our team is constantly in touch and can resolve any issues, so if necessary, please get in touch with us for qualified and timely support.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a QR code, you need to open the QR code generator and select the content type you want to encrypt into a code. Next, add your desired content (e.g., link, text, PDF) and customize your code design. After clicking the "Create" button, you can choose the size and format of the QR code and then download it.

The function of creating a QR code on the service is free but we have integrated Google Ads advertising on the Get-QR platform.

No, the number of QR codes and scans performed is not limited. Create and scan codes as many times as needed without any restrictions.

No, there's no expiration date for the QR codes you create as long as they are scanned regularly. The QR codes that have been scanned 0 times within a 400-day period will be deactivated automatically.

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