Frequently Asked Questions

To create a QR code, you need to open the QR code generator and select the content type you want to encrypt into a code. Next, add your desired content (e.g., link, text, PDF) and customize your code design. After clicking the "Create" button, you can choose the size and format of the QR code and then download it.

You can generate as many QR codes as you need. The GET-QR service does not limit users in the number of generated codes.

You can generate QR codes without registration, but if you have an account on the GET-QR service, you will have additional options. All your codes will be saved in the library so you can edit, disable, delete, and download them at any time and get statistics on scans.

To register, you need to click on the appropriate button, enter your email address and create a password. Important! Please, use your current email address because we will send you a link to confirm the registration. Without following the link in the email, your account will be inactive. You can also register using your Google or Facebook account.

The function of creating a QR code on the service is free but we have integrated Google Ads advertising on the Get-QR platform.

The answer is no. The QR code has no expiration date. The code will continue to work until you change its properties (for example, limit it by the expiration date or the number of scans).