How to add a file or link to QR code: explore best practices from 5 countries around the world

Interest in QR technology and its demand are growing exponentially. The first sharp increase in the popularity of QR code generators, interactive codes, and everything connected with them occurred from 2018 to 2020. At that time, the number of QR code users increased dramatically by 92% in just 2 years. People began to convert text, video, link, or PDF to QR code and experience the tangible benefits they provide.

Then events developed even more rapidly. The global pandemic has led to changes in modern people's usual way of life. The preference is given to social distance communication, contactless payments, and online shopping.

Countries implemented QR technology in different areas of human life in their specific way. In some regions, QR codes are mainly used for making payments; in others - as a marketing tool. Let's take a look at some ways to use QR codes around the world.

USA: converting an URL to QR code for effective social advertising

In the American media, non-commercial advertising plays a significant role. A striking example is the one-of-a-kind NASA poster dedicated to Earth Day. It contained 17 interactive codes devoted to interesting facts about our unique planet. It is enough to scan a QR code to open a website or video with informative content on a given topic. This poster allowed everyone who wants to learn more about the Earth to go on an educational journey.

Spain: applying sound QR codes to help people with disabilities

In Spanish cities, local authorities have decided to create QR codes to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. Moreover, this practice has become proof that it is possible to add not only a link to QR code but other content as well. A great example is Barcelona's public transport. Visually impaired and blind people receive alerts on their smartphones when their gadgets detect QR codes within a radius of 15 m. They then scan them to understand their location and choose the appropriate route.

Germany: using text warnings in QR codes for law enforcement

Germans are known as law-abiding citizens far beyond Germany. Since 2021 QR codes have been used on ambulances to remind the inhabitants of Germans of the ban on taking photos and videos of car crashes and accidents. If a person points the smartphone camera at the scene of an accident, they will immediately see a warning on the screen about the corresponding ban. There are cases when the city authorities add a link to QR code leading to the relevant law with a detailed description of responsibility for such an offense.

China: unlocking the creative advertisement potential by adding a file or URL to QR code

China is one of the leaders in creating and scanning QR codes. Thanks to the QR code generator, Chinese advertising campaigns have reached an entirely new level of performance. For example, one of the shopping centers in Nanjing opened a tunnel where they located 400 different codes. When scanning any codes, the user can get acquainted with information about the advertized product, service, or company.

India: uploading text or PDF to QR code to educate students

Botany is of particular importance to India. Various plants are used here as medicines, spices, teas, etc. Therefore, it is unsurprising that students in the Botany Department of Siddhartha College decided to generate QR codes and place them in parks. When scanning the code near a particular plant, you can find its name and properties.

These 5 unique examples of QR technology applications show how useful modern codes are. You will benefit in many areas if you add text, video, image, or PDF to QR code. QR codes are widely used in all regions of our planet because there are many good reasons for this.

Thanks to the interactive codes’ versatility, convenience, and ease of use, you can significantly improve the quality of people's lives. Therefore, open the QR code generator and generate interactive codes with any content to achieve your goals!