What is a QR code: the start of a technology that has become the future, or Why to convert a file or URL to QR code

A few decades ago, a simple bar code was not of mass interest to people. Such matrix signs were usually not noticed by anyone. And in the modern world, they are everywhere: inside buses, on restaurant tables, on huge signs, and even on regular business cards. 

This is because users worldwide are actively using QR technology to convert a link, text, video, and PDF to QR code. So, what is a modern QR code, how, and most importantly, why create it? We have answers to all these questions. What’s more, we will discuss the benefits of converting a file or URL to QR code.

What is a QR code: basic concepts

The abbreviation "QR" stands for Quick Response. The development of QR codes was carried out in Japan: the Japanese company Denso registered this term as a trademark in 1994, which further led to the massive QR technology use and conversions of a file and link to a QR code. In fact, from this moment, the countdown of the history of the QR technology development begins.

The QR code consists of 4 encoding modes: numeric, alphanumeric, Chinese characters, and binary system. This allows user X to add a text, link, image, or PDF to QR code transmitting any data, and the user Y to receive this information quickly.

There are 2 types of QR codes:

- static. This is the simplest code that can be generated on most QR services. Its major drawback is the inability to edit content and track the statistics of scannings. However, many users will find it convenient to add a file or link to the QR code if they do not plan to change its content or track analytics;

- dynamic. This is the most functional and popular code. The user can edit all elements: title, content, design, and other QR code features. The dynamic code will keep you from reprinting and redistributing the image for scanning.

Important: the QR code and barcode are not the same. They have different functionality.

Key QR code benefits

The modern QR code provides an endless list of possibilities. You can generate a QR code with any content thanks to the QR code generator:

– Text (product description, article, slogan);

– Link (to any website on the Internet);

– Audio file (music, podcast, playlist, audiobook);

– Video file (film, video instruction, presentation);

– App Store or Play Market app;

– Email;

– Data for connecting to Wi-Fi;

– Electronic business card.

The user is not restricted in using QR technology as it provides many options. For example, you can create a QR code to invite people to chat, make a purchase, order a utility bill payment service, or advertize a company. It is up to you which content to encrypt into the QR code.

Dynamic QR codes are especially valuable for business. On the one hand, it is a highly effective online and offline advertising tool. Any advertising campaign will only benefit if it is built with QR technology support. On the other hand, companies can broadcast their brand identity through QR codes, using corporate colors and unique design elements for decoration. Such a simple approach will help develop branding, grow brand awareness among the target audience, and increase the brand’s significance in the market.

How users began to add a file and URL to QR codes actively

QR technology began to reach the peak of its popularity in 2020. In truth, modern marketers, business people, advertisers, and regular users worldwide have been familiar with QR codes much earlier. However, not all QR technology advantages were in great demand.

For example, restaurant guests are accustomed to using paper menus to learn more about the range of dishes and drinks in the establishment. They may have known that by scanning a code on a table or flyer, they could access the same information directly on their smartphone. But everyone got used to the usual way of life, where QR codes were an interesting feature, nothing more.

The global pandemic, COVID-19, quarantine, and lockdown – these previously unfamiliar keywords have changed our usual way of life by 180°. Now the priority for everyone is social distance maintenance, contactless paying options, and online services. Therefore, it is unsurprising that businesses, government agencies, and regular users have become ubiquitous in using the QR code generator.

In addition, using QR codes is as simple as possible. You need:

– point the smartphone camera at the code;

– get acquainted with the content that will be displayed on your screen.

You can use the QR code in only one rare case: if you do not have a smartphone with a camera. Even less often, there are situations when the camera does not scan the image. In this case, install the QR scanner application on your smartphone - and the problem is solved.

Now everyone can create a QR code and encrypt almost any content. It is enough to use an online QR generator and make a QR code from a link or file. If you choose a service that allows you to create dynamic codes, you can use advanced features: track scanning statistics, edit content, change design, and so on. So the choice is yours: how and in which format to use the QR technology!