How to add a link to a QR code to get a LinkedIn QR code for career development

Despite being less popular than platforms like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn serves a specific purpose - establishing business contacts. Statistics reveal that 80% of leads in the B2B segment are formed on LinkedIn. If you plan to develop professionally using this social network, a LinkedIn QR code generator is invaluable.

QR codes LinkedIn objectives

A LinkedIn QR code is a special code containing a link to a specific profile.  When scanned, it directs users to your personal page, enabling them to take actions such as adding you to their contacts or sending connection invitations. This is particularly convenient at events where a swift exchange of contact information increases the chances of fruitful cooperation.

Why should you create a QR code for LinkedIn? Because using the interactive code for this social network opens up valuable advantages:

– quick exchange of contact information for further developing business relationships with other users;

– simplified interactions since you do not need to write down or dictate long links, email addresses, and other communication data;

– saves time since new users will quickly scan your QR code to connect on LinkedIn profile with ease and no effort.  

The QR code for LinkedIn company page is an effective and convenient tool in professional circles.

When is a LinkedIn QR code useful?

LinkedIn QR codes are invaluable when rapid contact exchange and professional information sharing are crucial. Here are a few common examples:

1. Networking events. Industry seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and similar events are designed to provide opportunities for professionals in specific fields to get together and expand their networks. You can easily share your LinkedIn profile with new people by providing them with your QR code.

2. Interviews. Interactive codes seamlessly integrate into meetings with potential employers or business partners, enhancing your presentation. By adding a URL to the QR code of your profile, you can quickly and presentably showcase your work experience, achievements, and other valuable information, portraying yourself as a compelling candidate for any vacant position.

3. Job fairs. Such events are beneficial for newcomers who have little experience but a strong desire for development in a particular field. You can use the LinkedIn QR code to effectively share contact information with colleagues, clients, or potential employers during recruiting events.

If you have a LinkedIn QR code, you'll need to print it out or save it in a digital format to share your profile with new people easily. If you still don’t have one, it’s worth figuring out how to make a QR code for LinkedIn.

Brief instructions for creating a QR code for LinkedIn

To get a permanent and free LinkedIn QR code, use the GET-QR service. Follow the simple instructions for using the QR code generator for LinkedIn profile, and in a few minutes, you will be testing your personal code for professional purposes.

To quickly add a LinkedIn link to QR code, follow the guidance below:

– open the QR code generator GET-QR and select the QR code type “Link”;

– insert the link to your page on LinkedIn in the appropriate field;

– customize the QR code design if you want to make it unique, or leave the standard design option;

– click the “Create” button to view your code;

– click the “Download” button to download your personal QR code for LinkedIn or the “Print” button to print it.

Bonus tip: Enhance your presentation with QR code business card LinkedIn. This makes it convenient for colleagues and partners to quickly access your profile, fostering effective professional interactions and actively advancing your career.