Instagram QR codes in modern marketing: how to expand your audience

Nowadays, many people use Instagram for various purposes, such as sharing photos or promoting their businesses. Creating an Instagram QR code has become a popular strategy in the quest for more followers. Compared to other tools, the QR code Instagram generator offers a convenient and efficient way to get more people interested in your Instagram. Once scanned, these codes instantly direct users to your photos and videos, allowing them to follow your account easily. This user-friendly approach enhances interaction with content and can significantly boost your Instagram presence.

With a QR code for Instagram, you no longer have to worry about entering lengthy usernames and links to open an Instagram page. To make such a code for your Instagram, you can use a free tool called GET-QR Instagram QR code generator. Our service is user-friendly and versatile, and you can make your QR code stand out with a unique color, pattern, corners style, logo, and more. Plus, using GET-QR provides additional features like editing the QR code and tracking its scans.

Benefits of Instagram QR codes

Let’s discuss the advantages of using a QR code Instagram account. 

Effortless access

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of handling usernames and manual searches. A quick QR code scan instantly takes potential followers to your Instagram feed. This means you can gain more followers without extra effort, making it a convenient way to grow your Instagram presence. Moreover, it offers a user-friendly experience, fostering increased interaction with your content.

Transition from paper to profile

Why use Instagram QR codes, especially in print? QR codes work great in print materials like business cards and flyers, bridging the gap between offline and digital worlds. The easier your profile or post is to access, the more interaction you can expect. Higher engagement often leads to more conversions and business growth.

Personalized design

If you still think that all QR codes have the same design, then this is not so. Your social media QR code can be a stylish element of your marketing campaign, with colors and images that match your brand's style. With our QR code generator Instagram, you can customize every element, from the frame to the colors, and even add your logo.

QR code analytics

Creating QR Instagram as a dynamic QR code has two decisive advantages: editing and tracking. You can update the link within your QR code anytime without reprinting, saving you time and money. What's more, dynamic codes provide real-time monitoring. You can access scan data around the clock, including the device used to scan and scan times. 

Areas where Instagram QR codes find practical use

There are so many spheres of application for Instagram QR codes. Let’s consider several examples of where and how you can use these codes.


Today, many influencers who want to increase their brand awareness use Instagram. Strategically placing an Instagram QR code on your printed promotional materials is an easy way to increase your audience's online presence and engagement significantly. Thus, QR technology makes the code an indispensable tool in the marketing strategy of an influencer working on Instagram.


Load up your Instagram with awe-inspiring snapshots from your tours and destinations. Create a presentation or promotional poster with a QR code linking to your company's Instagram. When potential travelers see exciting places they could visit, you're more likely to get more bookings. This strategy offers excellent opportunities for travel companies and helps expand their audience.

Music and art

QR codes for Instagram provide musicians and artists with a direct line to their fans, keeping them informed about new exhibitions and upcoming shows. For instance, you can attach a QR code to your Instagram profile on concert tickets or promotional posters. This will boost your followers and cultivate a dedicated fan base.

Photography and videography

For lensmen and filmmakers, Instagram can be the ultimate place for a portfolio. So why not link your social media profile to a QR code and place the code on your business card to show potential clients your work? This way, prospective clients can quickly glimpse your skills and expertise.

Culinary industry

Gourmets often discover new places to dine by finding interesting photos of establishments on Instagram. Posting a QR code on Instagram will give you double benefits. Firstly, a QR code helps to lure potential customers with delicious photos of your dishes. Secondly, the Instagram QR code encourages visitors to share their experiences and tag your establishment in stories.

Follow the steps to create QR code for Instagram using our free QR code generator:

1. Begin by launching the GET-QR generator and choose the QR code type "Link."

2. Next, copy the link to your Instagram account, post, or story and paste it into the appropriate field. 

3. Personalize the QR code's design to match your preferences, allowing you to create a unique QR code. You can modify pattern and frame color, choose corners’ style, incorporate a logo, and more.

4. Click "Create" button to preview the QR code.

5. Finally, choose the "Download" button to save the generated Instagram QR code in your preferred format and size, or opt to print it instantly.

We can summarize that QR codes for Instagram provide quick and effortless access to the social network. They can enhance engagement and audience growth, including in print materials like business cards and flyers. With the added benefit of customization and real-time tracking, converting Instagram link to QR codes is a valuable tool for social media personalities, creative arts, food service sector, travel industry, and many other sectors. Use a proven free QR code generator like GET-QR to create your QR code.