How to turn a file or URL to QR code and increase the number of views 

The interactive code is the perfect tool to share different content with other users. You can add an image, video, text, or link to QR code and then put the generated code in a visible place.

However, if you use a QR code generator to promote a business or run an advertising campaign, it is important for you to get many scans. For example, by uploading a PDF to QR code, you expect as many people as possible to view the PDF file. And for this, put the tips below into practice.

Tips for getting more QR code scans

Imagine you want to advertize your mobile app, conference, vacancy, website, Instagram account, etc. In each case, the number of QR code scans equals the number of opportunities to interact with your target audience. Therefore, before creating a QR code, let’s review some key points to achieve maximum scan rates. So, you will not only add a file or link to QR code but also increase the advertising campaign's effectiveness.

1. Clear call to action (CTA)

It has been proven that a QR code without a call to action is scanned less often than the same code with a clear CTA. The fact is that users may need to learn how to view the content. Therefore, before you encrypt the text, picture, link or PDF to QR code, you should add a call to motivate users to see the encrypted content. For instance, include a brief instruction on how to scan the code.

2. Different pattern shapes

Most often, QR codes look the same: they have square patterns. If you want to draw attention to your code, then before you generate a QR code, you should choose an eye-catching design. For instance, you can change the pattern and add a frame to personalize your QR code and make it stand out.

3. Striking colors 

Studies have shown that the traditional black-and-white pattern combination may be less effective at catching people's attention. Another way to make your QR code stand out is by using bold and eye-catching colors. It's a great idea to make a QR code and customize it in the brand's corporate colors. Thus, if you add the URL to QR code, choose the unique design; it will help effectively integrate the code into your marketing strategy.

4. Strategic QR code placement

You can generate a QR code with a unique frame and logo but never achieve the desired number of scans. This is because the code’s placement plays a critical role: the QR code must be located in a highly visible place. What’s more, you should not put the code on wrinkling objects, mirror surfaces, and moving objects.

5. Additional motivation

Besides the call to action, your target audience needs additional motivation to take the time to scan the QR code. Different loyalty programs work great: they can be discounts, bonuses, and special offers. For example, if you create a QR code from a link to your site and specify that it contains a discount coupon, your traffic will grow.

6. Accuracy is crucial for success

It happens that bugs occur when you create a QR code. For example, you added an inactive website link or a broken PDF file. If it's not fixed in time, your codes will not redirect users to the desired content. To avoid such issues, you should conduct a scan test to ensure that the generated code works properly. Then, if something goes wrong, edit the content or change QR code settings.

The main purpose of creating QR codes is to have them scanned. Otherwise, there is no point in starting using the QR code generator. Therefore, consider your QR strategy and generate high-quality, remarkable, and effective codes. Use the above tips to make QR codes as popular as possible among users!