Text QR code: a simple and straightforward way to share information

While text content may not rival videos in popularity, videos are known for their ease of perception and memorization. However, texts are good because of their versatility: accessing text content doesn't require high-speed internet or headphones. Additionally, you can read an article or a message on the go, during travel, or even while working. For this reason, the popularity of QR codes for text is rising in various fields.

What is a QR code for text?

A QR code with text is a modern tool designed to conveniently and rapidly distribute text content. In this case, the text volume can extend to several thousand characters. Furthermore, you can incorporate and format the text within the QR code according to your preferences, including font changes, image uploads, and more. 

The QR code text offers numerous advantages:

- quick access: A simple code scan is enough to read the message encrypted in it;

- capacity: Such an interactive code can encode a large amount of textual information, up to 10,000 characters;

- versatility: A text QR code is easily readable from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

- practicality: Practice shows that interactive codes with text content are helpful for both business and personal purposes.

Applications of a text QR code

Explore three illustrative examples of using a QR code generator for text and interactive codes with text content.

1. Museum

Modern museums incorporate QR codes for visitors to access additional information about art objects. It is very convenient to create a QR code with a comprehensive exhibit description, its history of creation, meaning, exciting episodes from the author's life, and other engaging details.

2. Pet identification tag

Pet ID collars serve as interactive passports and help owners quickly find their pets in emergencies. You can convert text to QR code, which, when scanned, will display your contact details (name, phone number, email). Then, you can affix your QR code to your pet's collar.

3. User documentation

Instruction manuals contain valuable information for users, explaining device functionalities, precautions, usage instructions, and more. It is best to create a text QR code so that when scanning, a person can conveniently access the necessary information about the device.

Brief guidelines on how to create a QR code for text

Converting text to a QR code is remarkably straightforward using GET-QR. Our text QR code generator facilitates sharing text information, allowing you to apply desired formatting and insert images, tables, links, and more to the main content. The maximum text limit is 10,000 characters.

To add text to QR code, follow these steps:

– open the QR code generator GET-QR and select the "Text" QR code type;

– write or copy your message into the appropriate field. At this stage, you can make formatting adjustments;

– customize the QR code's design to your liking. For example, change the cells’ color and style, add a logo, select a frame;

– click "Create" to preview the QR code;

– click "Download" to save the QR code in your desired format and size, or "Print" to print it immediately.

Thus, the functional GET-QR QR code generator allows you to convert various content types into QR codes, including links, images, videos, geolocation data, business cards, and more. Amid the array of possibilities, the simplicity and practicality of a text QR code is worth considering. Use our tips and generate interactive codes with text content!