Converting a file or link to QR code: Statistics on QR technology use in 2022. Part 3: Africa

QR technology brings significant benefits in any area of human life. You can add a file or link to QR code for business, personal use, government agencies, charities, etc.

This fact confirms users around the world widely use QR technology. The additional benefits of using a QR code generator are determined by the specific service you choose to apply.

Statistics on the use of QR codes in Africa

The scans statistics from previous years confirm the demand for interactive QR codes. However, American, Asian, and European countries conduct most data and surveys, so one might get the impression that people in other regions do not know what QR codes are.

Let's consider the peculiarities of using QR technology in African countries since users there are interested in creating and scanning QR codes no less than residents of other regions.

Adding a file or link to QR code: Most popular QR technology applications in Africa

Adding an URL to QR code for use in the mobile app market

Let's take a look at the smartphone market in Africa: Samsung (21%) is the most popular option that is followed by Huawei (12%); and then TECHNO (9%), Itel (6%), and Xiaomi (6%) round out the top five. Android smartphones dominate in this region, but mobile apps for Africans are available not only in Google Play but also in the App Store.

Because of the increase in the number of mobile gadgets on the continent, many brands create and advertize their mobile applications. They actively attract new users by providing discounts, special offers, and other benefits for buyers. For example, in Uganda, the largest online retailers can add a link to QR code, thus allowing you to quickly and easily install applications on your smartphone.

Converting a PDF to QR code for blended learning

South Africa is actively integrating the idea of blended learning, which combines traditional (offline) and interactive (online) methods. Therefore, you can often see QR codes in textbooks. Their purpose is to improve the quality of education and increase students’ motivation. A good example is Algeria, where almost all children can access mobile devices.

How does it work? Imagine a student reading a paragraph from a chemistry textbook. After getting acquainted with the theoretical part, they can scan the QR code and proceed to the study of multimedia material; for example, they can watch a video of a chemistry experiment. Also, by adding a PDF to QR code in advance, you can redirect students to the necessary information, allow them to send questions to the teacher, etc.

Adding medical data to QR code for use in healthcare

The global pandemic has changed the way healthcare works around the world. It has become an impetus for many countries to improve outdated systems, and Morocco is a good example of this.

The initiative to provide electronic services in hospitals has become widespread since it aimed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in Morocco. It implies the possibility of getting online consultations, issuing necessary certificates, etc.

Moreover, a specific Moroccan Electronic Perspective application has been created to minimize the speed and spread of the coronavirus. This app contains information about medical appointments for the patient. A person can come to a pharmacy, be identified through a QR code containing prescription data, and receive medicines eliminating the need to contact many people.

In previous articles, we have already considered how residents of Europe and America use the options provided by QR codes. Today, following the example of different African countries, we observe new trends in QR technology. This is because users discover new possibilities for development by adding a file or URL to QR code!