Reasons to convert a promotional code to a QR code for your business

Statistics show that people are more likely to buy goods and services on promotions. This allows them to save money and get more satisfaction from their purchases. At the same time, businesses have their benefits from such special offers, namely an increase in the average check and sales. Consider using a QR code generator for a sale to maximize the benefits of discounts for both parties.

What is a coupon QR code?

A QR code for a coupon or discount is an interactive code containing valuable information for customers. When they scan the code to learn about a promotion or use a promotional code, their enthusiasm for making a purchase grows. Creating a QR code for sale effectively boosts the target audience's interest in the advertized products or services.

An interactive QR code for a discount can offer various types of content. For instance, if you're launching a sale on your website, add a link to the QR code directing customers to the corresponding section of your online store. Alternatively, if your promotion relies on unique promotional codes, generate a QR code with a unique text, which customers can present at checkout.

Regardless of the approach, converting your discount into a QR code provides an effective tool for boosting sales. This strategy enhances brand recognition, expands your audience reach, and ultimately increases profits. Hence, incorporating QR codes into your business marketing strategy for promotions or sales offers numerous benefits.

Where QR codes for discounts prove useful

QR codes with discounts are particularly useful for supermarkets and shops. These businesses can generate consumer interest and enhance brand visibility by converting coupons into QR codes. In this way, they successfully motivate customers to shop more often and purchase more products.

Also, the QR code generator for coupon is widely employed to promote special offers of restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, fitness clubs, etc. Whether it's through marketing campaigns or advertising materials, QR codes for coupons play a pivotal role in attracting customers and driving sales.

Consider creating QR codes for discounts or sales and distributing them online and offline. This approach can help increase customer engagement, boost sales volumes, elevate your brand image, and drive profits — all with minimal effort.

How to create a QR code for a coupon for free

Our QR generator is multifunctional: you can add any file or URL to the QR code. So, when planning your sale, use the format that resonates the most with your target audience, for example, a promotional code QR code with text or a PDF QR code with an advertising magazine.

Here are universal instructions on how to make a QR code for a sale:

– open the GET-QR QR code generator and choose the QR code type based on your content format. So, for promotional codes, you should give preference to the “Text” or “Image” option; for promotions published on the website - the “Link” option;

– upload your promotional material to the appropriate field. You have the option to add a link, text, PDF, image, etc.;

– customize the code design to your preference. To maximize response from your audience, consider adding a call to action that highlights the benefits users will receive after scanning the QR code for a promotional code;

– click the “Create” button to preview the QR code. Now it’s worth enhancing the uniqueness of the code by integrating your company logo, adding an attractive frame, using a distinctive cell color, etc.;

– click the “Download” button to save the code in a suitable format (PNG, PDF, SVG) and optimal size (1024, 2048, 4096 px), or choose “Print” to print it out.

As you can see, creating a QR code for a coupon or sale is as simple as possible. Next, place it strategically so that as many users as possible can easily access it and learn about your promotions. This will help you effectively promote your special offer and boost company profits!