7 Unexpected ways to place and convert a file or URL to QR code

Almost every item you buy has a QR code. It may contain information about the manufacturer, the composition of the product and its energy value, etc. But in reality, QR technology and the QR code generator are multifunctional, so they are used far beyond the needs of supermarkets.

If you look around, you will be surprised at the number of QR codes surrounding you. The codes are almost everywhere: in shops, malls, restaurants, hospitals, airports, etc. You can convert a link, video, image, or PDF to QR code without restrictions. And today, we will talk about 7 unexpected places where interactive codes can be seen. 

1. The QR code on pet collars

Thanks to QR technology, pet owners can generate QR codes to help find their pet if one gets lost. It is enough to add contact information like a site link, text, or PDF to QR code so that passers-by can quickly contact the cat’s or dog’s owner.

2. The QR code on bees

Scientists are studying the bees’ behavior, as the decline in their population has already reached a critical level. To do this, they use QR technology. We are talking about the BEEtag program: tiny codes are placed on the bodies of insects to monitor their vital activity around the clock. Such valuable information is expected to allow specialists to improve the situation with bee reproduction.

3. The QR code on products

Interactive codes have been on food packaging for a long time. Manufacturers convert a link to QR codes and add useful information, such as nutritional value, composition, etc. This is important for those people who care about their health. In addition, this information helps consumers keep track of the quality and quantity of what they eat.

4. The QR code on trash cans

The American company RecycleBank uses QR codes to motivate people to sort waste. Such codes are placed on garbage cans and, when scanned, allow you to find out the value of recycled waste in monetary terms. Then users can exchange the sorted trash for a cash voucher.

5. The QR code in job advertisements

One tattoo parlor in Turkey launched an advertising campaign to find talented artists. They created a link to the qualifying round for tattoo artists and converted this URL to QR code. The candidate must shade the QR code in the ad to demonstrate their professional skills and interest in the vacancy. 

6. The QR code on art objects

The Sukiennice Museum specialists in Poland have found a way to bring art objects to life and get visitors interested in going to exhibitions. They decided to create QR codes and place them on art objects. When scanning such codes, you can find out the history of the exhibit and other exciting details. Museum experts can convert an audio, video, text, or link to QR code.

7. The QR code on the tombstone

Do you know you can create a QR code to keep memories alive? People more and more often place interactive codes on tombstones to capture the memory of a dead relative. This approach may be surprising at first, but it is quite convenient. It is enough to scan a QR code to open a website dedicated to a deceased relative or friend. For such purposes, you need to convert the URL to QR code in advance.

As you can see, the QR code generator is multifunctional. With it, you can simplify many everyday things, not to mention the benefits of interactive codes for business. Therefore, generate QR codes for any purpose and use them without restrictions!