Creating effective QR codes: Tips to avoid 5 common mistakes when converting a file or URL to QR code

You can generate a QR code easily and quickly. Every user who has used a QR code generator at least once knows this. Scanning an interactive code is even more effortless: you need to point your smartphone camera at it and see the content.

But sometimes, users of QR codes face various obstacles, and their popularity could be better. Therefore, let’s dot all the i's.

Is converting a file or URL to QR code really that popular?

Yes, the number of users and QR codes’ scans are breaking all records. As of 2022, interactive codes are being scanned 443% more than the previous year. The top three countries where QR codes are most actively used are the USA (2.88 million scans), India (1.1 million), and France (439 thousand).

Thus, a large number of people around the world create and scan QR codes. In the past few years, interactive codes have become especially popular for a variety of reasons. However, sometimes users may not trust the QR technology outcome and fail to achieve planned results.

This might be because mistakes were made when adding a text, link, video, or PDF to QR code. Due to this, users are unwilling or unable to scan it, which means that the statistics results of such a code will not meet expectations.

5 bugs that prevent people from scanning your QR codes 

If you create a QR code according to the rules, you can reach the desired number of scans. Knowing and avoiding common mistakes when working with a QR code generator is enough.

Mistake #1. Users don't understand how to scan QR codes

According to current statistics, approximately 68% of QR code users are aged 24 to 54. The age group older 55+ is only 18%. Many of those people know and can scan interactive codes, but as well a lot of people do not know how to open a QR code on a smartphone.

The solution to the problem is as simple as possible. You should convert a file or URL to QR code and add short instructions next to them so that users can follow your advice.

Mistake #2. QR code is placed incorrectly

The QR code helps implement the highly effective lead-generation strategy. It is enough to add a file or a link to QR code to launch an advertising campaign. But you will only get the desired number of leads if it is convenient for users to scan codes in the places where you have put them.

Therefore, it is vitally important to choose the places for QR codes wisely. The top options include magazines and newspapers, bus stop signs and advertisements inside public transport, facades and shop windows, product packagings, business cards, etc.

Mistake #3. Non-obvious benefits of scanning the codes

If the user does not get any benefit from scanning your code, they are unlikely to open it. Therefore, your goal is to clearly explain to people why it is beneficial for them to scan your interactive codes.

To do this, add weighty arguments about the benefits of the QR code next to it. It is also important to upload valuable content: a presentation, text, video, or PDF to QR code. These can be free downloads, exclusive information, discount coupons, etc.

Mistake #4. You're choosing the wrong target audience

Unfortunately, one unique idea is not enough to create an effective QR code. You should focus on a specific audience and understand their desires and needs.

The best way to do this is to build a portrait of the average user. Then you can take the necessary steps to grab their attention and motivate them to scan your QR code.

Mistake #5. You didn't do a scan test

The purpose of QR codes is to improve the user experience. This becomes possible if your code redirects to a website with a mobile version, a thought-out design, and a user-friendly interface.

Therefore, take care in advance to upload an intact file or an active URL to QR code. If it includes a link, ensure it works; if you have added a file to the code, check if it opens on your smartphone. In any case, you need to do a scan test.

Taking into account popular mistakes regarding the use of the QR code generator will make it easier for you to avoid them. So, in the future, you can use the GET-QR service confidently and effectively!