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Main tasks and benefits of a PDF QR code

PDF is a convenient format of files that can contain different content, including texts with images and other graphic elements. PDF documents are often used when digitizing printed materials is necessary, saving their original design and formatting.

You may need to generate a QR code for a PDF file in different situations. When there is a need to present a restaurant menu, a product price list, a company presentation, etc. Therefore, using a QR code with PDF allows users to share digitized documents as quickly and conveniently as possible. Learn about QR code benefits and how to use a QR code generator.

Benefits of a QR code with a PDF file

Interactive codes can contain any content, and PDF files are in demand. A dynamic QR code with a PDF file is a convenient tool for solving personal and business problems. Its key benefits include:

  • quick access to a PDF document;
  • easy scanning on any device;
  • design flexibility with the option of logo integration;
  • analytics of code scans;
  • content editing (replacing a PDF file, title, etc.).

To make a QR code, all you need is a PDF file that you want to add to the code and a functional QR generator. Next, you need to follow simple instructions and save the generated QR code to your device for further placement on the Internet or printed materials.

How to use a QR code with a PDF

When adding a PDF to a QR code, please keep in mind that one code can contain only one PDF file, and its size should be up to 30 Mb. Remember that your interactive code should have valuable information for users. This is the keystone to achieving the desired number of scans. Here are a few ideas of what files you can upload to a QR code:

  • user manual. Printed user manuals take up space and can be easily lost. By placing a QR code with instructions in PDF format on the product, you will provide users with constant access to the necessary information;
  • company‚Äôs presentation. Generate a QR code using a PDF document containing information about your brand's history and services. So you get a complete presentation of the company in electronic form;
  • vacancy description. You can add a PDF with a detailed description of a vacant position in your organization to the QR code. Users will scan such code and learn about key requirements, conditions, and benefits of the position;
  • event program. When organizing concerts, exhibitions, conferences, etc., it is worth adding a PDF to the QR code to inform the event participants. Such a PDF document may contain the schedule and other important details of the event;
  • list of services and prices. Make an interactive code with a price list for your customers, so they do not have to spend extra effort searching for information of interest. So customers can easily get acquainted with the provided services and their prices.

Important! Users will see the original document on their smartphones when scanning your QR code. This means that the formatting of paragraphs, subheadings, and the placement of images and other elements will be identical on all devices. The QR code generator does not provide the option to customize the display of a PDF file on different screens depending on their size and resolution.