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QR code with a link: unlimited possibilities to achieve any goals

Modern QR technology allows all users to create QR codes and scan them easily. You can add a video, a PDF file, data for connecting to Wi-Fi, and so on. The available formats are constantly updated, and new types appear. However, the link remains the most requested code type. It can redirect the user to absolutely different content posted on the Internet.

Thus, adding a link to a QR code is a universal solution. Such interactive code will be useful both for business tasks and personal purposes. Learn more about a QR code with a URL and consider how many benefits you get if you make a QR code from a link.

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Benefits of a QR code with a link

The key objective of a QR code with a link is to redirect the user to the specified web page on the Internet. Thanks to this type of QR code, sharing content with other users is greatly simplified. This is especially important if you aim to share the URL through printed materials, such as a flyer or banner ad. Manually typing a link is not only tedious but also risky: with a high degree of probability, the user will make a mistake and not be able to open the desired link or will not want to manually enter a URL that is 50-100 characters long.

The modern QR code of a dynamic type has many advantages that will be useful to a marketer, a businessman, and an ordinary user. The most important of them include the following:

  • quick access to content;
  • ease of scanning through mobile devices;
  • compact size, flexible design, and logo integration;
  • scans statistics tracking;
  • code content editing.

It is as simple as possible to make a QR code using a link. More importantly, you are not limited in how you use it. Just add the URL to your content to the code and use it according to your plans.

How to apply a QR code with a link

You can create a QR code with a link to any web page on the Internet. The main thing is that it should be active and redirect to a working website. So, the most popular URL options for the QR code are:

  • link to the company's website. Such a QR code is useful for marketing campaigns focused on increasing awareness and growing traffic. Add URL to any page of your site to the code;
  • link to the page on social networks. This is a great way to promote your account and grab the attention of new followers. Depending on the chosen social network, you can make a QR code from a link to a profile or publication (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), to a video, playlist, or channel (YouTube), and other content;
  • link to Google Docs. Make QR codes with Google documents, spreadsheets, and slides to share files with users and edit them together. First, do not forget to open access to the file;
  • link to the application. If you are focused on promoting your mobile application, then the QR code for the App Store and Google Play will help you achieve what you want. This is an excellent way to motivate users to try your app, increase the number of downloads, and get reviews and ratings;
  • link with a location on the map. Make a QR code with the location of your establishment to help users get directions. So users do not have to look for a specific place on the map and manually enter the address in the smartphone application.

Important! QR codes can only contain links that do not violate security policies. It is not allowed to add illegal, inappropriate, or malicious content to the code. At the same time, adding valuable, engaging, and helpful information in the URL is highly recommended to achieve more significant results.