QR code design customization as a way to increase its effectiveness

Creating a QR code is a straightforward and predictable process. You follow step-by-step instructions and get what you expect. So, first select the type of code in the QR generator, add your content, and download the QR code. This process is as simple as possible, because it does not require additional actions.

However, when it comes to the design of the QR code, you have the option to go beyond the basics. Essentially, this is an optional step: if you want, you can leave the standard design, or if you want, you can customize the appearance of the code. Many users prefer the default look and use this interactive code at their discretion. However, a unique QR code offers many more benefits than a typical one.

The importance of a successful QR code design

Design is crucial for QR codes, affecting their scannability, visual appeal, and stylistic consistency with the brand. Here's how these elements contribute to the overall QR code effectiveness:

#1. Scannability

For easy scanning, it is important to use contrasting colors. The classic black QR code on a white background is standard because it offers the highest clarity and contrast. The QR code size is also important (at least 2x2 cm when printed).

Most users use matching colors and download codes in large sizes. However, if the scanning test does not satisfy you, try replacing the selected shades with more contrasting ones, for example, black and yellow, red and green, orange and blue.

#2. Attractiveness

Practice shows that the use of compatible colors makes the QR code more attractive. Also, integrating a brand logo helps build trust and increases the number of scans.

A great example is Coca-Cola. The company introduces QR codes with logo in their advertising campaign. This strategy draws attention, leverages brand recognition to encourage more scans from consumers familiar with and fond of Coca-Cola products.

#3. Brand compliance

The QR code should seamlessly blend into the overall concept of the layout or site where it is placed. This could be a social media page, a website, product packaging, a business card, etc. Styling QR codes to align with a company's aesthetic makes them a cohesive part of the overall design, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

For example, Spotify uses its distinctive brand colors to create unique QR codes. The recognizable green tint contrasted with black and white elements allows users to instantly identify the platform we are talking about.

How to customize the QR code design

Firstly, remember: you can choose to design a QR code through the GET-QR QR generator completely free of charge. All our codes are dynamic, which means they are customizable and editable. All you need to do is register in advance for the service, and then create a QR code. After adding a file or link to the QR code, you will see several options to customize the design:

– style, which includes the square pattern and fields, as well as the pattern and background colors. You can select from various options for each element to find the ones that best fit your needs. As a result, the QR code itself can be two-color or one-color on a transparent background;

– logo (your own or one from the list of available ones). Add an appropriate logo to immediately let users know what content the QR code contains. For example, if you create a QR code for YouTube, you may want to add the YouTube logo. It is important to adjust the logo size so that it does not cover the scanning area or hinder the code's readability;

– frame. This QR code design element may include an additional field with or without text at the bottom, top, or bottom and top at the same time. The right frame can improve scannability and attract attention, especially if you choose an effective call to action and optimal colors.

Moreover, all registered GET-QR users can change the design of the QR code after it has been created. For example, you generated a QR code in the corporate colors of your company, and later rebranding occurred. This means that you can edit the QR code design, replacing colors, frames, logos, and other elements.

Clearly, the QR code design plays an important role in its performance. If you have such an opportunity, it is worth choosing the appropriate color and style of cells, frame, and logo to get the maximum number of QR code scans!